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Is Video-A.Xyz Scam? Beware Full Video Review

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Are you wondering if you can really earn more from Video-A.Xyz?

Is Video-A.Xyz a Scam or Legit? 

Can you really earn cash for watching videos and referral friends?

I’m sure you know that there are so many fraudulent sites on the internet, and they come in different forms, so it’s awesome that you’re doing some research.

Watch videos and get paid for it?


Video-A.Xyz company offers you to earn money by watching promotional videos. Watch videos and get $ 0.60 per minute of viewing. Refer other users and get 40 % from their earnings to your account.

This is not a promotional post for Video-A.Xyz, so I don’t have any referral link for them in this article.

Instead of promoting Video-A.Xyz, I’m here to share my thoughts on this website so that you can decide whether it’s right for you.

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My review of Video-A.Xyz will be detailed out in the following sections:

  • What Is Video-A.Xyz About?
  • How Video-A.Xyz Actually Works
  • Video-A.Xyz Reviews
  • Is Video-A.Xyz a Scam or Legit?
  • Conclusion 
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What Is Video-A.Xyz About?

  • Website: Video-A.Xyz
  • Website Registration date: 2021-11-07
  • Product Type: Get paid to watch videos.
  • Who Is This For? Best for the creators of the site.
  • Owner/Creator: Unknown
  • Price At Time Of This Review: Free to sign up but will ask you for money.
  • Upsells: No
  • Red Flags: Absolutely
  • Do I Recommend This? No. 
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Video-A.Xyz is a video website that claims to pay you for viewing videos and referring friends to their platform.

There are hundreds of other sites that look exactly like Video-A.Xyz. These sites have the same look, duplicate claims, and even the same questions and comments from the same people; that is very strange. This is one of many red flags for me.

On the home page, you can see how much money you can earn from each video, this looks great, but it seems a little too good to be true. Most legit get paid to watch video sites pay a fraction of that.

Video-A.Xyz claims you will earn 60 cents per minute, so for 1 hour, you could make $36.  If you watched videos for just 4 hours a day, You could earn at least $100, and if you did it that once a day, you could make $3000 per month. 

Plus, if you refer people, you can earn 40% of their income. As you can see, this could be a great way to make good money and work whenever and from wherever you want. So is Video-A.Xyz the ultimate platform to earn a full-time income online?

As I said, Video-A.Xyz sounds too good to be true, and based on hundreds of other fraudulent websites I’ve seen, I’ve noticed many suspicious things about them. 

The Video-A.Xyz website has some alarming red flags that I believe you should know since those red flags make me think that Video-A.Xyz is not as fantastic as they claim.

How Video-A.Xyz Actually Works

To participate, you must create an account with your email address, choose a user name and password. There’s also an option to use your social media accounts to create an account, Don’t use this option on sites that seem shady. 

To be safe, I recommend using a temporary email address for sites with so many red flags.

Once you’re registered, you can start watching videos and get credited for them, and you also get a referral link that you can start sharing to get other people to sign up. 

I was very skeptical, so I used a temporary email to create an account on Video-A.Xyz to see what was happening inside. I viewed some YouTube videos and noticed that they are random videos on just about everything.

Perhaps Video-A.Xyz has another site where content creators pay to get views on their videos. But there is nothing on site promoting this.

I also noticed you have to watch over 340 minutes of videos and refer other people before they make a payout to you. That seems like a lot of time and work to see if something is a scam or legit.

Based on many other sites like Video-A.Xyz, I’m 100% certain that they never pay you. They will keep asking you to do more things and referring people while collecting more personal data from you.

Watch the video from a similar site: EozVideon.XYZ later in this post.

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Video-A.Xyz Reviews

Video-A.Xyz Is perry much a clone of many others get paid to watch video sites that claim you will make money from them.

Take a look at this video from and you can get a more detailed view of what’s going on with these types of sites.

Video-A.Xyz works the same way as other websites that collects people’s information. They want you to give them your info to sell it to scammers and cybercriminals.

You need to be cautious because they not only want your information, they also want your money! They may use your info to access your email account, PayPal account, bank account, and more. 

Simply put, they may try to hack your PayPal and other accounts, so be careful with the information you give them.

For you to get paid, they claim you need to watch 340 minutes on Video-A.Xyz, and then when you want to get paid; they will ask you to get more referrals. If you don’t want to wait until you have a certain number of referrals, they will ask you to purchase them.

Buying referrals from Video-A.Xyz is the same as purchasing nothing because those referrals are artificial, and then they have your payment information.

If you buy fake referrals, they will take your money and remove you from your Video-A.Xyz account, and they don’t offer any support.

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Is Video-A.Xyz A Scam Or Legit?

As far as I can tell, there isn’t anything real about this site.

Here are a few red flags:

Who is Video-A.Xyz?

There is no company info on Video-A.Xyz on their website, which is another red flag.

There’s no info about when Video-A.Xyz was founded, their location, or the people behind it. Can you trust this?

Are they trying to hide something?

Video-A.Xyz asks for your email to sign up and for financial information to cash out. Who is collecting your information, and for what?

I avoid these kinds of websites because they seem shady and lack transparency.

Video-A.Xyz support?

Another red flag is they don’t offer help or support. While there is a page where you can leave comments, they do not allow you to leave comments without registering.

Furthermore, I’ve seen the exact comments word for word on other websites claiming you can make money by watching videos. 

I can’t think of any legit sites that make you sign up before you can ask questions.

It seems like Video-A.Xyz cares more about your information than helping you with their service.

They also don’t provide an email address, private message platform, or another way to contact them.

And as I mentioned before, all the comments from their support section are fake. Those comments are the same found on other websites that look precisely like Video-A.Xyz.

They have the same comments on their site as other sites, which tells me that they are using a template built to scam people. Who knows? The same group of people could operate all these sites.

What’s the chance of over 50 sites having the exact comments posted simultaneously with the same user names?

Other Red Flags

Video-A.Xyz makes you sign up for their website before you can watch videos, then you have to watch 340 mins of video plus refer people to get a payment. After all that time they will never pay you.

This way they can collect information on you and possibly try to hack your other accounts.

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Well, as you can see, I do not recommend Video-A.Xyz. There are too many red flags and shady doing that I’ve seen on other non-legit sites.

Quick Red Flag Recap

  • No legit support system
  • Fake comments
  • Unknown Company Information
  • Claims to pay way more than others get paid to watch video sites
  • 100’s of other sites that are just like this one

Now,  if you have signed up for Video-A.Xyz. I recommend you stop using it right away and protect your other accounts. If you’ve used the same password used for one of your other services, change it immediately. 

You should set up two-step verification to protect your accounts.

If you referred friends to Video-A.Xyz, I also recommend contacting them to let them know to do the same. Share this article with them if you wish.

How To Report Scammers is the federal government’s website where you can report fraud, scams, and bad business practices.

Visit to find tips and learn how to avoid scams.

I hope this Video-A.Xyz review will save you some time and money! 

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